After you have created your Facebook business page, FB Business manager account and generated your Data Product Feed with Facebook Business Addon, you can add your Products to your Catalogue and create your Facebook page Shop.

Click "Add Products":

Choose "Use Data Feeds" as an Import method and click "Next":

Choose "Set a Schedule" and paste your Data feed URL.

You can also set up a schedule of automatic uploads, give a name to your Data Feed and select a Default Currency:

If you have set up everything correctly, click "Start Upload". It will take a while. A result of your upload should look like this:

Click "Done". You will be redirected to the "Diagnostics" page again.

Note! If you see any errors from Facebook regarding incorrect data in your product feed, please check this article to learn about how to fix them.

Now you have this green tick in the "Add your products" section and the "Add Products" button is disabled. That means, that you have done everything correctly.

Keep this tab active, open a new one, go to your Page, and click "Settings":

Go to "Templates and tabs":

Click "Edit":

There are several templates, which you can apply to your Page. You need to choose "Shopping".

Click "Apply Template":

Now, you can see, that the "Shop" section is enabled on your Page.

Go to "Shop" and agree with Facebook terms of use to complete creation of the Shop section.

Now go back to that tab you had kept active:

Click "Connect Page" to continue:

By clicking "Select Page" you are supposed to see your Page. Select it, click "Next" and go to the "Set up shop" right away (just skip these 5 screenshots below and continue your setup).

In case if your Page is not added to your Business Manager for some reason, complete these steps:

You need to Add your Page to your Business Manager account now. Click "Add a Page".

Enter your Page URL:

If everything is correct, it should look like this:

Click "Add Page". Sometimes you can get such a message:

As long as you are the owner of the Page you've created earlier, you don't need to ask yourself a permission, so just click "Close". After it, you will be redirected back to this window again:

As you can see, you can get a list of your pages by clicking Select Page. Select your Page and click "Next".

Now, you are going to enter your payment and tax data. Click "Get Started" to continue.

You have to complete all of these 6 steps by entering your payment and tax information in order to set up your shop.

Now check, whether everything works fine. Go to Catalogues:

It is quite likely that you will see two Catalogues instead of one. Check out this screenshot:

The Catalogue "Product_Instruction" is the one which we have created during the steps of this guide. But there is another Catalogue "Products for Page 1", which was created automatically. Go to this catalogue and delete it.

Press "Delete Catalog":

Now you can finally connect your Catalogue to your Shop. Go to Catalogues and click "Create a shop on your page"

Choose your Page and click "Next"

Choose check out method:

Select a default currency and click "Create Shop"

Your Page shop is ready along with its products. You can view it by pressing "View Page Shop"

After you Facebook Page shop is ready, you can connect the relevant Catalogue to your Instagram. All you need to do is to follow this instruction.

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