You can check and troubleshoot issues in your Catalog Manager => the Diagnostics page of your catalog details.

1. Your product catalog isn't connected to an event source. Associate your Facebook pixel with your catalog. Refer to this guide to learn more.

2. Product pages cannot be accessed (unavailable product page). It's crucial that your website is always available. If your website is down due to maintenance work, Facebook won't be able to access the landing page.

3. Empty product description. Check that each product description has at least a couple words. Products with empty description (including products that contain only images in description) will be rejected.

4. Invalid google product category provided. Facebook uses Google product taxonomy, so it is highly recommended to match your website categories with categories approved by Google. Although your items won’t be rejected in case you haven’t done the mapping, this may result in poor ad performance.

5. Standard product attributes come in a language that is different from the one used in the Attributes tab of the add-on. For example, if you’ve translated ‘color’ attribute into ‘couleur’, you should add this French word to the Attributes tab of the add-on. Otherwise the add-on won’t be able to match ‘color’ attribute with ‘couleur’ and your feed will be disapproved because of the missing required attribute.

6. Product attributes don't comply with Google requirements. For example, your color attribute must be 'red' or 'white'. Such values as 'as picture' or '123' will be rejected.

7. This product already exists in the catalog. Remove the duplicate product from your feed and upload your feed once again.

8. Image is too small. Use product images with a minimum resolution of 600x600 pixels.

9. Field can't be all uppercase letters. Avoid using all caps for emphasis. You can still use capitalization when appropriate (for abbreviations, countries and currency).

10. HTML format isn't supported. Upload an XML file generated by the add-on instead.

11. Facebook advertising policies are violated. Make sure goods you’re selling are not considered to be prohibited or restricted content. You’ll find further details here.

Common FB Pixel problems

1. Missing categories in data feed. You’re trying to track Pixel performance with categories that were not included in your product feed.

2. You have duplicate FB Pixel ID on your website. Make sure the add-on is the only place you have your FB Pixel ID. You shouldn’t add FB Pixel code to your website header or use any third-party solutions for these purposes.

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